About P&K Research

Our trusted sensory and consumer research—customized to every stage of product development—enables our clients to deliver products that delight their customers and build their businesses.

If you don’t already know P&K, learn more about who we are, our approach, and our research methods, then let’s discuss how we can engage with your team to discover what delights your customer.

Here at the start. Still the leader.

More than 60 years ago, our founders were instrumental in developing the research methods that helped lay the groundwork for sensory science and consumer testing. The passion that drove our founders to measure and understand what consumers like (and why) still motivates us every day. Whether you are a leading global brand or a start-up, we can help collect the right data and turn that data into insight. Consumer insights drive business success.

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The Dynamic Duo – P&K’s Legacy

David R. Peryam & Beverley J. Kroll had a passion to measure and understand consumer preferences and the reasons behind these preferences. Both were prolific contributors to the field of Sensory Science. Learn how their contributions helped create the foundation for methods used across the industry today.