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Our experts share some of their latest projects and case studies to illustrate our range of product research solutions and innovative analytics.

Uncovering the Hierarchy of Consumer Needs

Client Challenge:

An understanding of how consumers prioritize product benefits is important at all stages of the product development cycle. Different data collections methods have been proposed to uncover these benefit hierarchies.

Identifying “Ideal” Sensory Signals for Product Success

Client Challenge:

Gain early stage guidance to renovate existing product to deliver optimal experience via identifying/prioritizing the key sensory characteristics that impact consumer preference.

Mapping a Path to Market Leadership

Client Challenge:

Assess if client’s in-market product offers consumers the best product experience, and, if not, identify areas for improvement.

Improving Performance of a Cost Reduced Formula

Client Challenge:

Client was seeking to modify the current formula of their market leader to reduce costs. Preliminary testing indicated that the prototype did not achieve parity to the current product on overall appeal. The client wanted to identify the attributes that have the greatest potential to reduce the overall appeal gap for continued reformulation.

Identifying the Most Motivating Product Claims

Client Challenge:

How to develop and promote OTC medications so that their sensory characteristics and both functional and emotional benefits make them more likely to be selected; direction to be specific to target adults for two medication types within two markets, U.S. and China.

Comprehensive Understanding of Multiple Consumer Touchpoints

Client Challenge:

Devise a single face-to-face test that would take consumers through the entire product selection and usage cycle, seeking to discover:

  • Label perceptions and impact on product imagery
  • Package reactions
  • Product assessment via multiple applications/carriers

Discovering a New Consumer Segment to Gain Market Share

Client Challenge:

Optimize product innovation and renovation by gaining a better understanding of target consumers.