Discovering a New Consumer Segment to Gain Market Share


Food & Beverage – Refrigerated Dairy Dessert


Client Challenge

Optimize product innovation and renovation by gaining a better understanding of target consumers.

P & K Solution

P&K developed a two-phase category assessment:

  • Consumer research: Category users participated in a broad category product taste test (12 products over two days).
  • Descriptive profiling: Working with our partner descriptive profiling agency, all products were profiled on sensory characteristics, in parallel with the consumer test.

The consumer and descriptive data were merged to optimize the category learning and identify the descriptive drivers of consumer overall liking. Our Analytic Team applied several statistical techniques and analytic tools to uncover relationships among key sensory drivers and to develop optimal product profiles.

P & K Findings

Two new consumer segments were uncovered that were not being satisfied by current market products from the client or their competitors. This finding gave the client an edge in product innovation as well as presented an opportunity to revive/re-launch an existing brand in an effort to increase market share and shelf presence. Optimal sensory data profiling provided the guard rails for formulation.

Client Action

P&K’s findings led client to:

  • Introduce a unique category line extension ahead of competitors.
  • Have their brand name become synonymous (and thus, currently own) the new subcategory, claiming a greater market share and category dominance.