Comprehensive Understanding of Multiple Consumer Touchpoints


Food & Beverage - Condiment


Client Challenge

Devise a single face-to-face test that would take consumers through the entire product selection and usage cycle, seeking to discover:

  • Label perceptions and impact on product imagery
  • Package reactions
  • Product assessment via multiple applications/carriers

P & K Solution

P&K developed a single study with multiple stages, implemented at P&K Test Centers. The test design allowed individuals to follow a path that closely represented their customary behavior. The process started with the in-store shelf experience including manipulating the container, and continuing through product usage with two typical applications (using the product on a sandwich and as a salad ingredient).

P & K Findings

The research uncovered key points of influence in the consumer usage cycle:

  • Pre-use attention to ingredient labels had a negative impact on subsequent touchpoint evaluations.
  • Taste penalties were evident only on the less frequently used application.
  • Texture penalties were found on the more frequent application.

Client Action

P&K’s findings from a single study, led client to

  • Prioritize renovation efforts for following year, with texture as the #1 concern.
  • Make minor (and low cost) modifications to container and labeling.