Identifying the Most Motivating Product Claims


OTC Medications


Client Challenge

How to develop and promote OTC medications so that their sensory characteristics and both functional and emotional benefits make them more likely to be selected; direction to be specific to target adults for two medication types within two markets, U.S. and China.

P & K Solution

P&K developed an online Choice Based Conjoint (CBC) exercise that was executed among target adults in each of the two markets:

  • CBC exercise completed for each specific medication type.
  • Design covered six factors defining a medication’s sensory characteristics as well as functional and emotional benefits.
  • 12 choice boards created, each with four product options.
  • Modeling conducted relative to perceived product efficacy and product acceptance for consumption.

P & K Findings

CBC Modeling and sensitivity analysis identified the sensory characteristics that were most impactful in driving consumer choice of medications from two perspectives: what drives efficacy perceptions and what drives sensory acceptance.

Client Action

P&K’s findings provided direction to both U.S. and China product development and brand teams for product configurations that optimized efficacy perceptions and made products more likely “to be used.” Specific recommendations pertained to:

  • The product characteristics to focus on in terms of form, flavor, taste, etc.
  • Which efficacy claims to promote and what emotional benefits to include in product positioning and communication.