Improving Performance of a Cost Reduced Formula




Client Challenge

Client was seeking to modify the current formula of their market leader to reduce costs. Preliminary testing indicated that the prototype did not achieve parity to the current product on overall appeal. The client wanted to identify the attributes that have the greatest potential to reduce the overall appeal gap for continued reformulation.

P & K Solution

P&K developed a consumer taste test, using a sequential monadic design at a combination of P&K Test Centers and in other client-selected markets. P&K, in close collaboration with client R&D and Marketing teams, used a combination of P&K analytic tools to better understand (and prioritize) weaknesses of the prototype:

  • Penalty Analysis
  • Graphical Modeling
  • P&K’s Variable Influence Analysis (VIA)

P & K Findings

The greatest gaps driving the difference in appeal between Current and Prototype were aroma delivery and mouthfeel. The use of P&K’s VIA quantified the degree to which the overall appeal gap could be reduced by modifying the Prototype in these two areas. Penalty Analysis and Graphic Modeling provided specific modification direction.

Client Action

P&K’s findings allowed product developers, working with a firm Cost of Goods budget, to design additional prototypes that enhanced performance for aroma and texture while holding other dimensions constant. Further testing ensued, followed by a final Alienation Test (Branded, Among Heavy Brand Users), achieving success in balancing cost reduction vs. consumer appeal.