Mapping a Path to Market Leadership


Food & Beverage - Frozen Novelty


Client Challenge

Assess if client’s in-market product offers consumers the best product experience, and, if not, identify areas for improvement.

P & K Solution

P&K devised a two-phase approach to: 1) gather marketplace understanding, and 2) evaluate prototypes to ensure that renovation had “moved the needle” favorably:

  • Phase 1: Among target consumers, evaluated client’s product with an array of competitors in a Benchmarking test to understand comparative performance and drivers of category liking.
  • Phase 2: After products were reformulated based on Benchmarking learning, an array of prototypes, along with the Current product and a key competitor were evaluated in a sequential monadic taste test.

P & K Findings

Our close collaboration with product development and marketing teams led to the following findings:

  • Phase 1: Benchmarking identified a Competitor advantage overall with an emphasis on flavor delivery. Consumers were polarized on the Client product’s flavor. Penalty Analysis further identified the Client product’s too-soft texture. Using P&K’s Graphical Modeling to understand the path to Overall Liking a root cause of the flavor deficiency was identified as a lack of crispiness.
  • Phase 2: Prototype delivered superior performance vs. Current and Key Competitor for both Taste and Texture, and, as expected from the Graphical Model, Overall Liking.

Client Action

P&K’s findings led client to:

  • Reformulate and re-introduce their product.
  • Enhance the “texture” message on pack to help differentiate from competition.