Identifying Opportunities for Your Products in an Evolving Marketplace

The pace of change in product categories is faster than ever. Keeping your product relevant and staying ahead of the curve on potential new category introductions requires a comprehensive sensory Category Appraisal that yields actionable intelligence:

  • What space does your product occupy in the sensory landscape?
  • Is there a category white space in which you could offer a viable option?
  • What are the key sensory drivers of overall consumer acceptance?
  • At what level (low, mid or high) is a sensory characteristic most acceptable?
  • Are there meaningful consumer segments you are not currently satisfying?

The answers to these questions provide a solid foundation for optimizing existing products and planning new products.

Innovative Sensory Explorations that Deliver Concrete Results

We merge measures of consumer appeal with sensory product profiles to provide strategic direction for your product development efforts. Our proven techniques push the boundaries of the sensory space in which your product resides, providing tangible recommendations aimed at growing market share through product optimization, and identification of new opportunities to delight and reach more customers.

Finding the target opportunity for the
consumer’s sensory experience.

The depth and breadth of our experience in Food & Beverage, OTC, Personal Care, Home Care and more means that your senior P&K expert will serve as your one-stop resource for collaborative research design, execution and reporting. It’s a level of expertise and accountability that has made us the go-to choice for R&D and Marketing teams around the globe.

Review our latest Category Appraisal Case Study to see how P&K helps clients create the world’s best products.