Gaining Critical Consumer Insights that Help Keep Your Product on Top

Achieving and maintaining category superiority requires a clear understanding of your products’ strengths and weaknesses vis-à-vis your leading competitors.

Product superiority is critical to a brand’s long term success, and competitors are challenging your brand’s hard earned position daily with new products, reformulations and aggressive marketing programs.

An effective and comprehensive Competitive Benchmarking Program must address these critical considerations:

  • Appropriate target population (category users, brand users, competitor brand users)
  • Test Design – Monadic vs. Sequential Monadic, CLT vs. IHUT, most relevant usage experience
  • Which brands/products to include in the test, and whether to include exploratory prototypes
  • Easy to understand analytics and streamlined reporting that help translate the data into meaningful and usable next steps

Leveraging Benchmarking Insights to Identify Product Opportunities

By understanding how your products compare to the competition on overall acceptance and key drivers, our proven benchmarking process identifies your competitive advantages while uncovering any product attributes that may require renovation to enhance your competitive position.

Your experienced P&K expert will work collaboratively with your R&D and Marketing teams to design and implement a competitive benchmarking program that delivers valuable, actionable insights that protect and expand your bottom line.

Read our latest Competitive Benchmarking Case Study to see how our study design, execution and analytics help clients stay ahead of the competition.