The Challenge:

The plant-based meat alternative category is growing rapidly, with new competitors entering the market on a regular basis. Our client wanted to ensure that their products met evolving consumer expectations and represented satisfying alternatives to real meat.

The P&K Solution:

Flexitarian and Reducetarian consumers first participated in a central location taste test in which they evaluated the client’s current product, two prototypes, and a real meat product.

Immediately following the taste test, a subset of consumers was asked to prepare the client’s products in our residential kitchen, allowing us to observe food preparation and cooking behaviors. In-depth qualitative interviews followed the cooking exercise.

In parallel with the consumer research, expert sensory panel profiles were collected on all products to aid in the interpretation of consumer preferences.

The Outcome:

One of the client’s prototypes was determined to be superior to their current product and was recommended as a replacement.  The research also demonstrated the importance of understanding the entire product experience, including not just the sensory experience during eating, but the food preparation experience as well.  Such a holistic perspective provided key insights to product success.