Latest Projects

Here is a sample of our latest product testing and product research projects with global clients spanning a variety of product market segments:

  • We helped a leading snacks brand execute a CLT taste test in five countries with the goal of global harmonization of their product design. The research has become a model for other leading brands within their organization.
  • Entering into a new category? Want to explore where your new products may fit among currently existing brands? We are helping a leading alcohol/spirits manufacturer with this precise objective.
  • Ever wonder how consumers in India react to respiratory care products? We know because we recently conducted a study in two major cities in India.
  • Is quantitative consumer feedback new to your organization? We are guiding a major restaurant retailer in their first initiative to leverage central location testing to create a cost- and time-efficient competitive benchmarking program.
  • Using our Discovery Lab in Chicago, we simulated the laundry product experience from all aspects: shelf retrieval, handling, pouring from the bottle, dosing and adding to actual washing machines. Our client qualitatively and quantitatively assessed alternative pack designs incorporating voice of the consumer feedback and their own observations via one-way mirrors and videotaping.