The Right Research Creates Amazing Products

You will never find a one-size-fits-all solution at P&K. We customize our research to meet your product development and brand goals, and that means fully understanding the end goal from the very start.

When it’s time to begin we use our deep experience in qualitative, quantitative, traditional and in-context research to engage consumers everywhere in the world, in-person and online.

Our experience in food, beverage, personal care and more, coupled with our proven research process and advanced analytics, allows us to deliver deep, actionable insights in a story-telling format.

It’s not data. It’s answers.

P&K Brings the Right Research to Answer the Hard Questions.

What are the unmet consumer needs in your category? What new product offering would differentiate you in a crowded market? Our whitespace solutions help you along the path of innovation, from prioritizing consumer benefits, to identifying key drivers of a liking in category, to establishing the target product profile that can serve as the “North Star” for product development.

Whether you are developing a new product or renovating an existing one, we help guide your product optimization with consumer and product insights enabled by our custom analytics that identify the most promising improvement opportunities.

From conceptual brand promise to findability on shelf, package functionality, and ultimately, actual product use: our solutions uncover how to delight consumers throughout their product experience journey.

Just one change in an ingredient or supplier can save millions of dollars. Yet such changes can risk alienating your brand’s current franchise. Our tools measure the risk/reward trade-off of these cost savings initiatives.
New competitors, changes in consumer preferences and any untested product redesigns you have undertaken in the past may have eroded your position in the marketplace. Our competitive benchmarking methodology can provide the vital insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your current offerings.