Innovative Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methodologies That Deliver Actionable Market Intelligence

Our reputation for excellence in Quantitative and Qualitative Research is well earned. We’ve been leading the way on developing and implementing innovative methodologies since our founding in 1957.

Every one of our clients works with a highly-experienced expert who understands the nuances of consumer behavior, and who leverages optimal methodologies to ensure that the knowledge gathered is on-point and actionable. Our P&K Test Centers, including the P&K Discovery Lab, and our full suite of services and wide range of data collection options put every tool and method at the disposal of your dedicated P&K expert in collaboration with your R&D and marketing teams.

The end result is data and insights that build value, whether that means the successful launch of a new product, growth or cost-saving through a product reformulation, or simply gaining a better understanding of consumer preferences and needs.

How can we help you build success?

Quantitative Research
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