New Product Success Starts with Understanding Consumer Need

New product introductions fail at an alarming rate. There are many reasons for failure, but one fundamental law always holds: to sustain a presence in the marketplace, a product needs to truly meet a consumer need or solve a consumer’s problem. Product development and marketing teams need to understand the context in which consumers will use the product, their motivation for using it, and the expectations they have of how the product will perform.

Our expertise in product research and understanding can help you not only design new products, but improve the satisfaction and profitability of existing ones. A Needs Exploration provides a wealth of valuable information:

  • Identify and prioritize the product’s features and attributes that are most motivating to a consumer.
  • Discover the combination of consumer benefits that maximize consumer preference.
  • Define the product “gold standard” and guardrails to focus early-stage prototype development.

Innovative Methods and Tools to Build Winning Products

P&K’s Sensory Signal Discovery methodology and other in-depth qualitative research approaches, as well as our host of quantitative tools, can help delineate your product development roadmap.

Our clients in Food & Beverage, OTC Medicines, Personal Care, Home Care and more trust us to deliver insights into consumer needs that improve existing products and create successful new product launches.

See how P&K’s Sensory Signal Discovery process gave a client’s R&D team key insights on the sensory guardrails for a product reformulation.