The Challenge:

Client’s objective was to learn how to modify their marketing strategy to attract new users, based on an understanding of product performance drivers in the category and how consumers segment based on their desired product experience.

The P&K Solution:

A multi-phase approach:

  • First, we executed a national online survey to identify key category and product-specific benefits.
  • Next, consumers were recruited for a Central Location Test that included blinded client and competitive products. Consumers first reacted to products presented side-by-side to allow for the comparisons possible at point of purchase; they then evaluated them one at a time, for an in-depth assessment of ease of use and other product features identified as important in the online study.

The same consumers evaluated the products at home, first on a blind basis, then branded, for ease of use and other characteristics included in the previous research phases.

The Outcome:

Our recommendations identified the product attributes to communicate in an effort to convert non-users. The research also identified an important segment of consumers that were attracted to the ergonomic design and the user experience of one specific client SKU.  This learning helped modulate the marketing strategy for this product.