Jennifer Grady
Vice President, Client Advisor

Years in Industry:

Prior to joining P&K, Jen held sensory and consumer Insights roles at ConAgra (3 years) and at The Kellogg Company (14 years).

P&K Role:
Jen is part of the Client Services team, partnering with clients across many industries.    Her passion for translating consumer delights into the product experience keeps the end consumer forefront in her approach to research design.  As a RIVA trained moderator with over 15 years of facilitating and interviewing experience, she is skilled in delivering business relevant results through qualitative and quantitative consumer methods, ethnographic approaches, analytical sensory methods, and applying analytical sensory language to lead product design.

MS Food Science, Sensory Concentration from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

A favorite quote of mine is “the truth is in the sample.”  Understanding the attributes or features of a product is critical to designing and interpreting the results of consumer research.  Either through an informal product evaluation, detailed Descriptive Analysis, or structured consumer feedback, what is experienced objectively through the senses brings to light additional insights and will drive the recommendations for how to create the products consumers want.