Katie Kroll
Director of Operations

Years in Industry:

Being a granddaughter of the legendary Beverley Kroll who co-founded P&K, Katie grew up at the office assisting the lab staff with labeling cups and plates. Katie began her full-time career at P&K while in college, receiving expert mentoring by Mary Schraidt and Bev. Over the years, she has held many positions, including lab technician, process improvement coordinator, client service manager, and Chicago lab manager. 

P&K Role:
Katie’s well-rounded experience at P&K makes her a great fit for her current role as Operations Director, in which she is responsible for executional excellence and staff development for the Respondent Contact Center, Tester Support/Services, and the lab staff at all four P&K facilities.  Katie is constantly seeking process efficiencies and better ways of working, while ensuring P&K is delivering a positive customer experience and meeting our clients’ needs. Her hands-on approach is motivating and encourages the strong cross-functional collaboration that drives P&K’s success.  

BA Psychology, DePaul University

Don’t always just “trust the process.”  It’s important to continually question why you’re doing what you’re doing. I love digging into our processes and identifying the most beneficial solution that improves the efficiency of our organization. My passion is to make things easier and simpler for all parties involved.