Kristine Wilke
Vice President, Client Advisor

Years in Industry:

Prior to joining P&K, Kristine was Director, Sensory and Consumer with Garza Consulting, where she was responsible for working closely with clients on their research objectives, from initial idea through to final report. Previously, Kristine spent 15 years at The Kellogg Company in a variety of roles across Product & Consumer Science, Insights & Planning and Research & Development. Prior to Kellogg’s, Kristine gained sensory and consumer experience at The Pillsbury Company/General Mills. Her research experience spans descriptive panel leadership and training, discrimination testing and quantitative and qualitative approaches to consumer insights.

P&K Role:
Kristine’s role within P&K is to foster strong partnerships with clients by working together to create research that best addresses their objectives.

B.S. in Consumer Food Science from Iowa State University. M.S. in Foods and Nutrition with an emphasis in Sensory Evaluation from Kansas State University.

A favorite quote of mine is ”data doesn’t make decisions, people do.” I am passionate about developing a research and analysis plan that addresses the project’s objectives and communicating the research in a way that enables clients to confidently make the necessary business decisions.