Patti Wojnicz 
Vice President, Research Strategy

Years in Industry:

Ipsos/Synovate for 10 years, and at TNS for two years

P&K Role:
Patti leads a Team that provides support in fostering operational efficiency, report writing and advanced statistical analysis. Patti leads by example and excels at professional training and development. At the same time she has a keen analytic sense, particularly for how to communicate complex analytics in an easy to understand way both in writing and in person.

BS in Information Systems, Elmhurst College

“When interpreting data and analytics, having a holistic understanding of why a piece of research is being conducted is essential in order to provide insightful observations and recommendations. I continually stress this message when training and mentoring others. Before even looking at data results, my first question is always: ‘What are the background and objectives?’ Not so much an insight, but a fun fact…of all the different market research solutions I have worked on, product testing is my favorite and I am motivated when I shop at my usual grocery store/supercenter and see many of the new and reformulated products we tested on the store shelves. My kids think it is pretty cool, too!”