Consumer Interaction with Your Product Begins Even Before it is Consumed or Used

A product’s package or container is the initial point of interaction with a consumer when it is selected in the store, placed in the cabinet or pantry at home, and when it is opened and used. The package must be able to break through the clutter of a store shelf, correctly communicate the intended functional and emotional messages of what’s inside, be easily stored, and be easy to open and reseal.

P&K’s experts design and execute research to measure any or all of these critical package elements, whether as an adjunct to a CLT or IHUT product test, or a stand-alone project. Our expertise includes:

  • A package prototype being used in a CLT or IHUT
  • An actual shelf setup at a CLT
  • A virtual shelf-set in an online survey
  • Timed-exposures of a package face or of an entire shelf set
  • Shop-along store visits with consumers

Gain a Deeper Understanding of How Packaging Affects the Consumer Experience

An experienced P&K expert will work with you and your design team to make certain that the package evaluation directly addresses your objectives and delivers results that can enhance the consumer experience. Our deep expertise in Food & Beverage, OTC Medicines, Personal Care, Home Care and more make us a trusted resource for package evaluation around the world.

See our Package Evaluation Case Study for an example of P&K’s holistic approach to optimizing product, package, and communication.