About the P& K Difference

  • Take advantage of our experience
  • We can interpret your results in light of historical data expertise
  • We bring both R&D and Consumer Insights perspectives to research full service
  • We can manage complexity in execution, analysis and interpretation


For almost 50 years P&K has been providing full-service product research support to some of the largest (and smallest) food, beverage, personal care and household products companies. We pioneered methods that are now industry standards, but continue to develop innovative methods and conduct research on research. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, becoming one of the top 50 marketing research companies in the U.S. in the process. Nevertheless, if you are not familiar with Peryam & Kroll’s vast range of experience, knowledge, facilities and capabilities, here is a brief rundown.

Our Approach

  • Collaborative
  • Indentification of test objective that is clearly linked to business objective
  • Research plan that addresses both R&D and marketing issues
  • Recommendations that focus on product development and marketing implications and provide actionable solutions

THE P&K Team

  • Project Management staff disciplined in:
    • Marketing Research
    • Sensory Science
    • Psychology
    • Statistics
  • Operations group that supports all aspects of field work and data processing
  • Statistics group that selects the most appropriate techniques for your data and reporting needs

Test Facilities

  • Four P&K owned sites, geographically dispersed
  • Both industrial and residential kitchens
  • Isolated sensory booths
  • Focus Suites/one-on-one rooms
  • Nationwide testing capability through network of affiliates
  • Extensive database of consumers for pre-recruited testing
  • Includes important ethnic subgroups

What We Offer

  • Consumer Needs Exploration
  • Product Benchmarking
  • Category Appraisals
  • Prototype Screening
  • Product Optimization
  • Packaging Assessments
  • Concept/Product Fit & In-Home Use
  • Claim Substantiation
  • Shelf-life Assessment
  • Quality Monitoring

Methodologies Offered

  • Quantitative
  • Pre-recruited or Mall Intercept
  • CLT
  • HUT
  • On-line Internet Research
  • Qualitative
  • Focus groups and in-depth one-on-ones
  • Ethnographies and other observational techniques
  • Repertory Grid
  • Sensory Methods
  • Triangle, Duo Trio & Same-Different test, QC panels

Expertise in testing Children

  • Test about 10,000 kids per year
  • Developed modified hedonic scale for kids
  • Published papers on research with kids
  • Developed protocol for infant testing

Analytical Services

P&K uses advanced analytics to gain maximum insights from research
Our tool box includes:

  • SegDrive for simultaneous segmentation & drivers of liking analysis
  • DesignX for identifying optimal product/process parameters
  • Preference Mapping for understanding category drivers
  • Penalty Charting for prioritizing product modification
  • TURF for estimating optimal product line configurations
  • Trade-off analysis and simulation using conjoint analysis