Identify and Defend What You Say about Your Products

A product claim, whether in advertising, on pack, or in sales materials, can be an effective way to spur trial and reinforce brand promise. But the more specific the claim, the greater the need to ensure that the claim is consonant with consumer perception and defensible against challenges from competitors.

Your highly-experienced and knowledgeable P&K expert works closely with your team to design and execute a successful claims validation study that meets critical parameters:

  • In some cases, conduct preliminary research to determine which claim is the most motivating and relevant to consumers, ensuring that the final validation is testing a claim that will be effective in advertising and promotion.
  • Develop test design that has the potential to unequivocally support the claim.
  • Plan and control test execution, including product procurement, to eliminate any systematic aspect that could render the claim invalid or provide an opening for the claim to be challenged.
  • Apply the right statistical analysis to conclusively determine if the claim is or is not valid.

Bringing Key Stakeholders Together to Satisfy Product, Marketing and Legal Issues

Our years of Claims Validation success have been based on a close collaboration with the client’s brand team, their product developers and their legal advisors. We understand that satisfying all three sides of this “claims triangle” is essential for your individual claim to be appropriate, defensible, and impactful.

Our clients – from local and regional brands to many of the world’s largest producers in Food & Beverage, OTC Medicines, Personal Care, Home Care and more – rely on us to deliver claims validation that can withstand even the most rigorous challenges from competitors.

See our Case Study that shows how P&K can help identify the most motivating product claims and their combination.