Getting the Product Right Makes All the Difference

Whether you’re creating a breakthrough product, or looking to better manage margin on an existing product, ensuring that the product has high consumer acceptance is critical for marketplace success. You need to understand:

  • Which are the better performers among various prototypes?
  • What is the “sweet spot” of the product design, considering key dimensions of the product experience?
  • How well does the product deliver against concept, and is it consonant with the brand, package and on-pack communication?
  • Is there a risk that you will alienate current customers by changing an existing product?

Making a Point of Understanding Your Business, Your Market and Your Products

The more we know about you, the better we’re able to design effective research that identifies and optimizes key drivers of a product’s appeal. The close collaboration between your P&K expert and your R&D and Marketing teams is essential to crafting the research that will guide your product development, from the first prototype to a launch-ready product.

Our clients – from local and regional brands to many of the world’s largest producers in Food & Beverage, OTC Medicines, Personal Care, Home Care and more – trust us to deliver the insights and analytics they need to create marketplace success.

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