Flexible, Customized Approaches That Lead to “Ah-ha!” Moments

Qualitative Research needs have evolved well beyond typical focus groups or IDIs. Innovative new methodologies, developed in close collaboration with client R&D and marketing teams, uncover new insights and intelligence that better inform product development and foster successful product reformulation.

One of the new methodologies is P&K’s Sensory Signal Discovery Approach that delivers the kind of detailed consumer use insights that can mean the difference between a successful, profitable new product launch and a costly failure.

P&K’s full suite of qualitative offerings includes:

  • Ethnographies
  • Focus Groups
  • IDIs (In-Depth Interviews)
  • P&K’s Sensory Signal Discovery Approach
  • Shop-A-Longs
  • Online Digital Services
  • In-depth consumer experience observation
  • Video streaming
  • Online Bulletin Board Discussions / Online Forums

Facility Set-Ups That Provide Optimal Insight into the Consumer Experience

Our range of facilities easily accommodate customized and innovative methodologies. These set-ups allow for intimate consumer interaction and observation, and simulate the at-home product usage experience in a controlled lab setting.

See our latest Case Study on how to identify sensory signals that indicate product success.