Every Method of Quantitative Data Collection, Expertly Designed and Executed

Experience matters. We have been designing and executing a comprehensive array of data collection methods for more than 60 years at locations around the world. Our expert guidance pairs research objectives with the most appropriate approach, delivering best practices in data collection that meet our exacting quality standards and ensure flawless execution.

Central Location Testing

  • Taste tests via our own P&K Test Centers and select partner facilities employing food preparation protocols ranging from simple to highly complex
  • Personal care applications, home care product usage, package ergonomics, and shelf display evaluations using P&K’s Discovery Lab and other facility options
  • Experts in the best practices and regulatory requirements for alcoholic beverage testing

In-Home Use Testing

  • Product placement options include in-person via central locations or shipped to respondents’ homes
  • Diaries, “in the moment” usage reactions, weekly surveys, and end-of-use evaluations available
  • Product usage periods ranging from one day to several weeks

Online Testing

  • Concept screening, consumer needs assessment, Habits & Practices
  • Line Optimization/TURF, Concept Optimization, Claim Evaluation/Prioritization
  • National sample or conducted among P&K’s Tester Communities as a prelude or follow-up to Central Location Testing

Mall Intercept Testing

  • High incidence, 1-2 product or concept-product fit evaluations, requiring simple (or no) product preparation
  • Concept/positioning evaluation, shelf/package evaluation

Mobile Testing

  • Direct access to “in the moment” consumer feedback
  • Before, during and after product usage insights
  • Ability to take a picture, take a video, receive notifications

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