Innovative Product Research Solutions that Enhance Market Position and Defend the Bottom Line

For more than 60 years, major consumer product companies around the world have relied on P&K Research to design and execute product research that builds marketplace success. Our commitment to client relationships fosters a richer and deeper understanding of each company’s unique business objectives and the places their products occupy in the market. It is this close collaboration with client R&D and marketing teams that allows us to craft research that delivers actionable insights.

The bottom line?

  • Greater success with new product launches.
  • Improved market share with reformulations.
  • More insights into what consumers really want and need.

It is a formula that has made us a trusted partner to local, regional, national and international consumer product companies in Food & Beverage, OTC, Personal Care, Home Care and other segments.

How can we help you build success?

Needs Exploration
Category Appraisal
Product Optimization
Product Claim Validation
Package Evaluation
Competitive Benchmarking