Helped Lay the Groundwork for Sensory Research 60 Years Ago. Been Innovating Ever Since.

While it may be a bit of a cliché, knowledge actually is power. Our expansive knowledge of the science of sensory research, product research and testing, and marketing research translates into more marketplace power for our clients.

Our founders, David R. Peryam, Ph.D., and Beverley J. Kroll, BS, MA, were laying the groundwork for the science of consumer testing long before opening P&K Research in 1957. Their legacy, and their endless quest to innovate new and better ways to deliver valuable, actionable consumer insights to clients, continue to drive our work today.

Listening and Understanding Is Where Effective Research Starts

At the root of our decades-long relationships with many of the largest consumer products companies in the world is our close collaboration with company product R&D and marketing teams.

The more we know about a company’s brands, products and business objectives, the better we can design and execute research that “moves the needle,” whether that’s the successful launch of a new product, reformulating an existing product to save money or capture greater market share, or simply gaining a better understanding of a product’s place in the market.

Clients trust our people, our work and, most importantly, our results.

One-Stop, Full-Service Across Categories and Around the World

Our five U.S. locations and our partnerships around the world have made us an invaluable global product testing resource to many Fortune 100 companies. Our expertise extends across categories, including Food & Beverage, OTC, Personal Care, Home Care and more.